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Ox Stones - Burbage Moor

Ox Stones – Burbage Moor

Since February I have been trying to photograph the Ox Stones on Burbage Moor. Multiple visits had yielded no results that I was completely happy with but finally some luck broke last month.

Following on from my previous blog at Carhead Rocks, I headed up to the Ox Stones afterwards. The Ox Stones are high up on Burbage Moor, near the trig point in the middle of the moorland. Luckily, while they…

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Carhead Rocks

It seems this year the heather season totally passed me by. It was quite early and also with two weeks spent in Greece it simply wasn’t possible to be out. However, I did manage a trip to Carhead Rocks then Burbage Rocks on the same evening.

I thought I would share the images from Carhead Rocks first. It’s quite rare that I shoot outside of the golden hour, unless the conditions are actually very…

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Ringing Roger

I finally feel I am catching up with my blog posts. At last. Here is one from Ringing Roger back in June. Ringing Roger for me was a location I really wanted to capture for my book. I had a vision, that it would be in snow at sunrise just as the sun rose from behind lighting up Grindslow Knoll in the distance a pink colour as the first light hit it.

This was a envisioned shot for many years, but…

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Derwent Valley Mills

Just a quick one from me. This is the Derwent Valley Mills in Cromford. I popped into the grounds a couple of months ago before heading on a walk down the Cromford Canal. I had this shot in mind for some time, I had been before but the conditions weren’t right. This time they were a bit better at least with flow of the water over the lock. It was a case of shoe horning my camera and tripod…

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Greece Photography

Greece Photography. So, I’ve just come back from Greece after two weeks of photography there, accumulating almost 1700 miles travelling mainland Greece. Now, most people associate Greece with sun and beaches and not photography which I guess it fair enough. But delve deeper into the country and you find a myriad of hidden gems.

I’m part Greek and have a lot of family in the Peloponnesse, I have…

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Rural Peak District

The Peak District has many characters and moods and they change throughout the seasons. I’ve been trying to capture some of the Rural Peak District throughout the summer months, to showcase the greens of the landscape and the farm life. I admit, it was a tough challenge for myself, pushing me at times completely outside of my comfort zone. I think it is probably fair to say I am more of a high up…

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Surprise View and a Stone Circle

Back in June I did a couple of days work in the Lake District for Ultimate Outdoors, under JD Sports. The same people who own Blacks Outdoors. The aim of the trip was to capture some Lake District locations, especially in panoramic format to use for their large in store displays and on web. The brief was very late so my plans changed from Southern Lakes to the Keswick area where there were hotels…

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Peak District Milky Way

Peak District Milky Way

It feels like forever since writing a proper blog. Writing for my book unfortunately has taken away a lot of my time and commitments. However, now I’m in the closing stages I’ll be publishing more blog posts and getting back to the norm. My first blog post looks at the Peak District and the Milky Way.

I’m a big fan of astrophotography, always have been. I do think that you have to sometimes be…

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Roystone Rocks

Roystone Rocks is one of the most unique places I have visited in the Peak District and it was somewhere new I hadn’t visited until recently.

The area is composed mainly of limestone, but a darker kind which may contain magnesium but what strikes you most are the random scattered pavements, often jutting out with trees growing between them or in some cases even along the ground between the cracks.

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