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Roystone Rocks

Roystone Rocks is one of the most unique places I have visited in the Peak District and it was somewhere new I hadn’t visited until recently.

The area is composed mainly of limestone, but a darker kind which may contain magnesium but what strikes you most are the random scattered pavements, often jutting out with trees growing between them or in some cases even along the ground between the cracks.

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Kinder Scout - Grindsbrook Clough Waterfall and Pym Chair Sunset

Kinder Scout – Grindsbrook Clough Waterfall and Pym Chair Sunset

Sometimes it feels like I haven’t had any good light in the Peak District in recent months however, there are times when it exceptional. I went up to Kinder Scout a couple of weeks ago with my girlfriend to shoot the waterfalls on Grindsbrook Clough and then just have a bit of a walk, going to the summit via the Woolpacks and Pym Chair and down Jacobs Ladder.

I started at Barber Booth, knowing…

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Blencathra Wild Camp - Sharp Edge Sunrise

Sharp Edge Sunrise.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a wild camp, something I have missed. In defence I have tried every month since Feb but luck has been against me. However, a spare weekend saw me heading off up to the Lakes to wild camp up Blencathra after much debating where to go.  There are so many hills in the Lakes, so it often can be hard to choose but looking at the sunrise locations…

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Bow Wood

Some images from a while back on a trip out to the local to me, Bow Wood near Cromford. I initially went to shoot the bluebells there, which were absolutely fantastic. A lot in open area on the hillside as well as thick in the woods. Unfortunately, as my first trip there I didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be a sunrise location so I didn’t shoot any. To be honest, it was intended as…

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Arbor Low

Arbor Low is a neolithic stone circle located near Monyash in the Peak District. A couple of months back I revisited this location for sunset. It was looking promising and I was just down the road in Buxton so made a quick dash for it. Not only did I want to capture the stone circle I also wanted to capture Gib Hill Barrow, a large burial mound on the same site.

Upon arrival, I duly paid my money…

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A month ago (wow already) I visited Switzerland. I had wanted to see the Matterhorn for years, with it’s unique profile recognisable to many.

I finally had the opportunity to go, so me and my girlfriend decided to book it and take the long drive over there to visit Zermatt and the Matterhorn stopping in the nearby village of Randa. It was set to be a week of experiences.

We set off on perhaps one…

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Peak District Webcams Update

Peak District Webcams Update

Good morning all,

As you know, I run a page with dedicated Peak District Webcams which allows you to view webcams in different areas of the Peak District so you can check out the current weather and road conditions and if you’re a photographer like me they’re useful to check out light conditions and where it’s worth going.

Recently, the developer who also runs Rainow webcam has given it a bit of…

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Black Rocks and High Tor

Black Rocks and High Tor

Hello all, been a long time since an actual photography blog I know, just been so busy with a lot of other little things going off in the works and I’ve not had a chance to sit down and bash out a blog (and even edit some of my newer stuff!), so here’s my first of many recent shoots. This time from Black Rocks and High Tor.

Both Black Rocks and High Tor are not in the Peak District, but just…

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Sprayway Hydrolite II Review

Sprayway Hydrolite II Review

Yesterday, I wrote a my review on the Sprayway All Day Rainpant and today I’m reviewing another item which is the Hydrolite II. This is a lightweight, thin waterproof jacket designed to be used as a top layer.

Generally in recent years I have moved away from the thin, top layer waterproof unless I was specifically doing a walk. Why? I tended to find that my event down jacket was great in…

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